Monday, November 5, 2018

Harvest Lunch Turkeys!

Kindergarten students made some turkeys decorations for the harvest lunch tables tomorrow! Take a peek at their creations below. Hope to see you there at 11!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

P.J Day

The kindergarteners filled up their warm fuzzy jar with 100 warm fuzzies and have earned a warm fuzzy party! I usually write a note and send it home to give you a heads up but Friday was such a busy and exciting day that it totally slipped my mind! We will be having a P.J day on Monday with some popcorn and a short 20 minute "movie" at the end of the day. Hope this message gets to you before then, but if not we can be flexible and have P.J day part two on Tuesday!

                                                  Image result for pajamas clip art

So much October fun!

October was full of fun in kindergarten. We have been learning about fall and experiencing it using our five senses. We've made apple prints and tasted apples. Mrs.Steenburgh taught us about how squirrels store acorns for the winter. Then she taught us how to make felted acorn art with real acorn caps! Mrs.Steenburgh also brought in fruit salad for us to enjoy (thanks Mrs.Steenburgh!). We learned about the parts of a pumpkin and the pumpkin life cycle. It was lots of fun scooping out  pumpkins and sorting the seeds from the pulp. We will count the seeds by tens using ten frames next week. Newmont farm hosted us at their pumpkin patch on one of the sunniest and most beautiful days in October! Even with all of that fun, we fit in lots of letter/sound learning, counting, reading, writing and more!